I do digital art by the name of Unknownian since 2013. The passion for this type of art has only increased, like my Instagram followers.

I have changed over and over again my style, rarely in my works you will see it repeated.

I’m very proud about the amount of posts that have been re-posted by various digital art pages. In April 2018 I’ve reached 10.000 followers on my Instagram page, and in September 2018 I was reposted by the Official Photoshop page.

To create my art I use the Adobe Creative Suite like as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Adobe After Effect. I think that art can save or improve the world.



2020 / Where do we go?

An Australia in flames tries to cope with an ‘animal apocalypse.’ Could California be next?


Scientists estimate that fires have killed from hundreds of millions to more than 1 billion native animals so far in Australia. The toll illustrates that while humans can adapt somewhat to intensifying fires — through better emergency planning, more fire crews and “home hardening” — ecosystems are far more vulnerable. “Most Australian landscapes are in tune with small-scale summer fires, but not the fires of the proportion and intensity that we are observing now,” said Katja Hogendoorn, a professor at the University of Adelaide’s school of agriculture, food and wine. “These incomprehensibly large and devastating fires are caused by a combination of lower rainfall and higher temperatures, both consequences of climate change, and here to stay and worsen, unless drastic action is undertaken worldwide,” she said. “As the driest and hottest continent, Australia is at the forefront of this environmental disaster.” Accurate numbers on animal losses are hard to come by as the disaster unfolds, with some fire officials saying blazes will continue to burn into March. But already the damage to natural heritage has become clear on the island, from the bottom of the food chain on up.

2019 / People don’t see

Environmental Problems Our environment is constantly changing.

There is no denying that. However, as our environment changes, so does the need to become increasingly aware of the problems that surround it. With a massive influx of natural disasters, warming and cooling periods, different types of weather patterns and much more, people need to be aware of what types of environmental problems our planet is facing. Global warming has become an undisputed fact about our current livelihoods; our planet is warming up and we are definitely part of the problem. However, this isn’t the only environmental problem that we should be concerned about. All across the world, people are facing a wealth of new and challenging environmental problems every day. Some of them are small and only affect a few ecosystems, but others are drastically changing the landscape of what we already know.

2019 / SIBERIA – Ecological Catastrophe

Siberia’s wildfires are not decreasing. 

The area of ​​existing forest fires reached 4.5 million hectares, compared to 4.3 million on Monday. “The size is now hardly manageable. The fire is already too big”

The situation could potentially turn dangerous for local populations, as fires could develop unpredictably towards inhabited areas. Even from a far distance, exposure to smoke could pose a danger to health, the expert said.

2019 / Unbreathing

Oceans today absorb about one-third of the carbon dioxide humans send into the atmosphere, about 22 million tons a day.

This great service, which has substantially slowed global warming, has been accomplished at great cost: The trend in ocean acidification is about 30 times greater than natural variation, and average surface ocean pH, the standard measure of acidity, has dropped by 0.1 unit.​​​​​​​

That’s a 25-percent increase in acidity, which is significant.

Higher acidity is damaging many ocean species that use calcium carbonate to form their skeletons and shells. Studies have shown that calcium carbonate formation is disrupted if water becomes too acidic.Ocean acidification also appears to be affecting whole ecosystems, such as coral reefs, which depend on the formation of calcium carbonate to build reef structure, which in turn provides homes for reef organisms.

My top Three.


2016 – The Food Chain

2018 – Ocean in to you eye

2019 – Love Story