Hi guys, my name is Ian De Novellis.

I’m an Italian Digital Artist and Graphic Designer. Also a Web Designer and Music Maker.

The first digital artwork dates back to March / April 2015, and the passion for this type of art has only increased, like my Instagram follower, from every day of satisfaction, post-release your work is liked and re-shared by various digital art pages. I have changed over and over again style of composition, rarely in my works you will see the stylistic repeat.

To repeat I mean to be firm, I want to move on.

Since 2017 I have been invited to many exhibitions. Knowing that your works make the audience amazed is a magnificent feeling.

I manage blogs and sales sites through dedicated platforms, but my other great passion is music. Music Maker at 360 °, creating music is something great, it is yours and personal;

At 1 November 2017 I release with the company iMusician my EP “Lost in your tongue”. Now on Spotify. Listen here.

Without music, life would be a mistake.


My last Artworks on Instagram


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